Spotlight Athlete: Danielle Malloy

Please give a huge congratulations to our new Athlete Spotlight- Danielle Malloy“Danielle has been a personal training client of mine for about 3 months now. Danielle always comes to her session with a smile on her face ready to get to work. On day one, Danielle struggled to get through one workout, but now Danielle can tackle just about anything I throw at her. She never quits. She has worked hard in the gym, but has also been crushing it with our Nutritionist Susan. Danielle is always talking about how proud she is for keeping her diet clean while she is out of town, or is boasting about how many veggies she had to eat the past few days. Danielle is a perfect example of someone who is focused, and it goes to show with the 10+ lbs she has already lost, as well as the inches she has lost. Keep up the great work Danielle. You are crushing it.”- Coach Tommy
Here are some questions we asked Danielle about her success here at Equilibrium Fitness. 
-What do you enjoy most about Equilibrium Fitness so far? Danielle- “I would have to say I most enjoy the sense of welcome I get. I have never felt like I fit in at a gym or just felt out of place. I don’t feel like that here.. I feel like I belong”
-What is your favorite movement?Danille- “My favorite movements are anything weight training. I really enjoy bench presses or deadlifts”
-What movement do you despise?Danielle- “I absolutely hate cardio.. always have, even when I was in really good shape haha” 
-How has joining the gym changed your overall health and fitness?Danielle- “I have always been stuck in a cycle of trying to lose weight in an unhealthy way. My weight loss has been slow but it is steady and I know I am doing it the right way. I feel stronger, starting to feel more confident and overall I just feel better.”
-What is your favorite activity outside of the gym that your fitness helps you enjoy?Danielle- “I love to kayak and go hiking.. we just did a hike up the mountain in the Adirondacks and I was amazed at how much easier it was than before when I would try to hike.”
-What is one thing that you have learned through participating in the Nutrition Program with Susan? Danielle- “Susan has taught me that it really is so important to pay attention to what we put in our bodies. When I am following her program to a tee I feel great… but I am only human and definitely have slip ups. The good thing about having a slip up though, is it reminds me how I do not want to feel.”
-What tips would you give to someone who may be struggling with their nutrition and fitness goals?Danielle- “I struggled for years… I made excuse after excuse or I just beat myself up and told myself there isn’t a point in trying bc I will never look the way I want.. it might sound harsh but quit making excuses. They will get you no where. Challenge yourself.. I am so proud to see the progress I have made and see my body do things that I didn’t think it was capable of.


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