The Importance of Personal Training

Stuck on a movement? Hit a plateau on your clean and jerk? Can’t string together kipping pull ups? Want to learn to walk on your hands? Your answer; Personal Training.

Personal training is the single best way to take yourself from mediocre in a skill to an expert. You will have the ability to work 1 on 1 with a coach from 30 minutes to an hour to work on one specific thing. If one session isn’t enough, you can do multiple.

Why is personal training so much more progressive than a class? Yeah, class is great for improving your overall strength or fitness, but at what point in class do you get to spend more than a few minutes with a coaches undivided attention on one specific skill? Never.

Lets take handstand walks for example. Maybe you have the strength to kick up to the wall and hold a handstand for 15 seconds, but are you holding this handstand in the correct position? Are your shoulders pressed to your ears? Are your toes together and pointed? Is your pelvis tucked in? Wait my pelvis tucked in? How does that help me do a handstand? What does that even mean?

When a coach might not have the time during a class to explain these finer details, and use specific drills to fix issues during a class, they have these tools in their pockets for personal training sessions. They have experience and expertise in different fields and can write programs specifically for you to improve on certain skills.

Want to improve your skills today? Great. Ask a coach about scheduling a personal training session and let them know what you might be lacking in. They would be more than happy to help, and you’ll get to show off your skill in class :). How cool would that be?


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