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Have you ever had a coach correct a movement of yours during a strength portion of a class? Have you ever had a coach give you a correction during a workout, yet you continue to push at 100% effort. A cue or correction is meant to help you improve movement, but is also your warning sign.

As an athlete, or even as an everyday fitness enthusiast, our goal is to come into the gym, enjoy the best hour of our day, improve our fitness, and then get on our way feeling better than ever. Too often we leave the gym with another shoulder ache, pain in our knee, or feeling over worked. While the idea of CrossFit is intensity, that idea should only be set in place once proper technique is achieved.

As a coach, our goal is to help athletes to improve. We love to see our classes filled with smiling faces, and to answer questions when asked. We as coaches aren’t able to help you if you aren’t coming into the gym because of injury. So, sit back, read these next tips, and see yourself finding more growth and less pain in your workouts.

  1. If a coach gives you a cue or correction, slow down, or complete a rep at the same weight until it is perfect. If you add weight, even during a warm up, your likelihood of fixing the movement you were just corrected on exponentially declines.
  2. Scaling is OKAY! Actually, scaling is preferred. As an athlete your ability to become stronger and more efficient is greatly heightened when you use a lighter load, or a simpler movement.
  3. PRACTICE! Are you following training guidelines, or are you overtraining? In simpler context, you should be following these guidelines: 60% training, 30% practice, 10% competition.
  4. Do YOUR Best. Do NOT go looking for approval of other athletes. Do NOT go looking for the approval of a coach. do NOT go looking and comparing to other athletes. DO know that you gave it your best today, even if that isn’t 100% and move on to the next workout with a smile on your face. Not every workout is a competition (see previous tip).
  5. Leave the gym feeling better, and more fulfilled than when you came. Know that by coming to the gym in general, you are doing something good for yourself. You are taking a step in the right direction, and that should be more fulfilling than just about any other feat.

Remember, learn to move well, learn to move well with a little more weight and intensity, then, and only then, do you want to start to move faster and faster, heavier and heavier. Your progress directly correlates with your ability to move well. Focus on the basics before jumping into the advance movements and tactics of training. Scaling and keeping things simple will move the marker for your fitness and health much faster than doing a handstand walk, or muscle up will.


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