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Tommy Lisowski, Jake Dipasquale, Jim Duncan - OWNERS

Equilibrium Fitness was born through a vision of having a balance in your life between work, health, and things that really make you happy. Whether it be spending time with family, biking, hiking, playing sports, our goal is to get you back into shape to enjoy things outside of the gym as well.

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Tommy coach at Equilibrium Fitness



Secret Talent: You name it, I'll eat it in one bite. Background: Born in Gibsonia, in the small town of West Deer, Tommy attended Deer Lakes High school. He played hockey for 13 years and is now an assistant coach for the PHA Icemen. Tommy is a CrossFit Level 2 Trainer, and has now been coaching for over 3 years. He began doing CrossFit more than 6 years ago, and has been hooked ever since.

His goal is to continue to participate in the sports and outdoor activities he loves at a high level. He is confident he can achieve this through working hard in the gym.

Jim coach at Equilibrium Fitness



Secret Talent: Recovers better after eating pizza Background: Jim was born and raised in Saxonburg. He graduated from Knoch High School and then attended Grove City College to obtain a degree in accounting. He was first introduced to CrossFit in late 2016, and later became a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer in the fall of 2018.

He treats the gym as a stress relief by both pushing himself in the workouts and socializing with all the great people. Training has fostered the opportunity for him to come out of his shell, make friends, and experience new things.

Jake coach at Equilibrium Fitness



Secret Talent: Can engineer but can't do barbell math Background: Pittsburgh native, Jake was raised in Allison Park and attended Hampton High School. He later went on to get his Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering from Penn State. After graduating, he found CrossFit and fell in love. In November of 2018, he became a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer and has been coaching ever since.

His passion for working out stems from his desire to be able to do any and all outdoor activities ranging from mountain biking and wake boarding, all the way to long walks on the beach.

Matt coach at Equilibrium Fitness



Secret Talent: Making you believe in yourself Background: Matt grew up in Allison Park and graduated from Deer Lakes High School in 2011. Playing hockey throughout his childhood, he became passionate about fitness around the age of 15. After becoming bored of most mainstream fitness methods, he discovered CrossFit in 2019 and never looked back.

His passion soon grew to helping other people love fitness, so he became a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer the following year. He wants you to hit your goals, and he wants to be there to give you a fist bump when you do.

Susan coach at Equilibrium Fitness



Secret Talent: Making clean eating a lifestyle for anyone Background: Susan was raised (mostly) in Pittsburgh and graduated from the University of Pittsburgh School of Pharmacy in 2001. After having three children, she wanted to reclaim her body and started her fitness journey in 2008. She has run over 25 half marathons and 5 marathons.

She, however, gave up running when she discovered CrossFit in 2012. Susan became an NCI level one nutrition coach so she can share her passion for clean eating with everyone. Susan has mastered clean eating as a lifestyle and loves to share how she stays lean and lives life to the fullest.



Julian Durden born and raised in Pittsburgh.
Julian is the Father to his new daughter, Kayleigh.
He has been blessed with the oppurtunity to play football at the collegiate level, playing on many championship teams along the way.
Julian has his CrossFit Level 1 and is an ace certified personal trainer who is passionate about helping people attack their fitness goals. Julian is always excited to learn more about CrossFit, and strives to be the best coach possible.

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